This is the home of the largest Cruising One Design Fleet on the Chesapeake Bay. The J105 Fleet has the highest average number of starters, year after year, enjoying a camaraderie unmatched in any other one design fleet. Anyone looking for a great experience racing their boat should look at the J105. The rules and boat are family friendly and geared to make the sport of sail boat racing as friendly to the wallet as it is to the psyche. If you are considering a new boat or starting out with your first boat take a look at the J105.

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2017 Sailing Season

Results for the AYC One Design (April 29), NOOD (May 5-7), SCC/GIYC Spring Distance (May 20), EYC Leukemia Cup (June 3), and AYC Annual (June 10), Annapolis Labor Day Regatta (September 2-3), NASS Oxford Race (Sept. 9), Hospice (September 16), Fall Series Distance Race (October 7), and current High Point standings are posted on the Results page. Due to technical difficulties, commnentary on the races is not available at this time.


2016 Season Results

CBYRA High Point

1st No Name (John White)

2nd Bat IV (Andrew Kennedy)

3rd Tenacious (Carl and Scott Gitchell)

4th Mirage (Cedric Lewis and Fredrik Salvesen)

5th Santa's Reign, Dear (Don Santa)


Chesapeake Bay Championships (17 boats)

1st No Name (John White, 10 pts)

2nd Bat IV (Andrew Kennedy, 11 pts)

3rd Mirage (Cedric Lewis and Fredrik Salvesen, 21 pts)

4th Ctrl Alt Del (Ben duPont, 22 pts)

5th Jester (Jugh Bethell, 25 pts)

AYC One Design

1st Mirage

2nd Bat IV

3rd Tenacious

4th Santa's Reign, Dear

Frostbite 2015 (2nd Half)

Final 2nd Half Frostbite Results: Dog House ended the 2nd Half of the Frostbite the way they finished the 1st half, with bullets. They won both both halfs of the Frostbite series with a 10 firsts out of the 20 total races. Bat IV finished 2nd followed by Tenacious, Crescendo, Helios, Breakaway, Chessie, Firebrand, and AtTack.

March 20. Going into the last two races ( 9th & 10th) of the series, and a throwout, there was three points between first (Dog House) and 2nd (Bat IV). Crescendo and Tenacious were both tied, but Crescendo had the advantage with two firsts. Race 1 started with a 10-12 NE breeze. With a start at Hartford Light, the course was a short upwind to G13 (to starboard), a reach/run to S1 (past mouth of Back Creek), back to 1SC, and then the finish in front of the Dock Street clubhouse. It was close at G13 with Crescendo first at the mark, coming in on starboard and Dog House in on port. As Crescendo spun around the mark, Dog House drove over top of them and into 1st place. Bat IV was right behind and caught up with Crescendo. Bat IV and Crescendo took the low route to S1 and Tenacious, 3 boat lenghts behind, took a high lane. With puffs hitting Tenacious first, they were able to sail over them and into 2nd by the end of the leg. At S1 it was Dog House by 4 boat lengths, follewed by Tenacious, Crescendo, and Bat IV. Chessie and Firebrand were a few boat lengths farther behind. Positions didn't change for the next two legs to the finish. Race 2 started with the wind a little more North and less pressure. It was still favorable to work the left side of the course along the Naval Academy, but not too close to get a shadow. Dog House as at G13 first with a 2 boat lenght lead, followed by Bat IV and then Tenacious. Bat IV took a lower route and Tenacious kept the high line to S1. With the wind more aft, Tenacious was able to shadow Bat IV enough to pass them, two boat lengths to weather. At S1 the wind had backed more and it was upwind to the Horn Point Shoal mark. The boats got a little lift and all were able to clear the Shoal mark without tacking. Positions didn't change, but Bat IV and Crescendo did close up the distance for 3rd and 4th respectively.


February 28: With last week's Frostbite cancelled for lack of wind, this week more than made up for it. With the temperatures in the 50's and a 10-14kt SE breeze, the sailors had a nice day of sailing in late February. A few brave souls even had shorts on. Race 1 started at Trident light and went upwind to a drop mark off between Back Creek and Chesapeake harbor. The fleet then did a downwind run (wing and wing) to G9 and then it was a reach into 1SC and the finish off of the NSHOF. Many boats started near the seawall and stayed on starboard until they were forced to tack away becuase of a leeward boat. For those that went right early, they got a nice right shift and it took them into the first mark in the lead. Dog House led the way with Bat IV and Tenacious behind them. The positions didn't change for the rest of the way, but Crescendo and Helios did close up the distance to Tenacious at the finish. For the second race, the course was the same, but the wind had shifted slightly to the right. This gave those starting at the seawall and advantage. Breakaway had a great start and lead the fleet off the line, but Dog House slowly pinched them off so they went right. Helios was OCS and had to go back, which put them behind at the start, but they did close up a lot of the gap. At the top mark it was Dog House again in the lead, followed by Breakaway and Bat IV. Tenacious was a few boatlengths back as well as Crescendo. Bat IV got inside of Breakaway and passed them on the downwind leg to take 2nd. Tenacious worked inside of Breakaway on the reach to 1SC, but Breakaway used some good shots of boatspeed and moved ahead to finish 3. It was then Tenacious, Crescendo, Chessie, and Helios.

February 7: The first two races of the 2nd Half of the 2015 Frostbite series got underway with some changes due to fire at AYC in December .With AYC's temporary location at Dock Street, next to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, the halftime festivities were moved there. The finish and docking location was moved to the docks at the NSHOF, at the end of the Annapolis City Dock. Both races started between Hartford Light and can 1SC off of SSA. With a 6-10 kt NE breeze and temperatures in the 40s, the boats had great sailing conditions. Both races had the same course (2.5 nm), G13 to starboard, G5 to starboard, 1SC to port, and the finish off of the NSHOF. Race 1 started with Tenacious and Crescendo on port at the committee end and rest of the fleet on starboard at the pin (1SC). It was a few tacks to G13 and those that stayed close to the Naval Academy seawall got the better pressure and shift. At G13, it was Dog House, Crescendo, Bat IV, Helios, and Tenacious in a tight pack. It was a long reach to G5 with the middle three in a tight group. Helios attempted to get inside the mark and had to jibe away quickly as Crescendo did a perfect rounding and closed the door on them. Tenacious, following closely, was able to get around Helios because they had slowed down in the jibe. Dog House led everyone to 1SC on a tight reach. At 1SC, the Cal 25s were just starting and Dog House had to avoid a few, which allowed Crescendo to squeezed by them. It was a slight bear off to the finish, 200m away, and Crescendo held on for the bullet. Crescendo finished the race in 26 minutes 54 seconds, with 5th place Helios only 1 minute and 21 seconds behind. Race 2 (3:10 pm start) had similar conditions, but with a little more pressure and slightly colder. Dog House led the fleet at G13 with Helios, Bat IV, Chessie, Tenacious, Crescendo, and At Tack following. Tenacious get past Chessie and Bat IV on the way to 1SC. At the finish, is was Dog House, Helios, Tenacious, Crescendo, Bat IV, Chessie, and At Tack. Dog House finished the race in 24 minutes and 36 seconds.



Final 2015 High Point and 2015 Chesapeake Cup standings are posted in the Results page

Here are the Awards for the 2015 season

Chesapeake Cup (This is total beaten yachts over the entire season counting
all HP and non HP races)                               
1st       Tenacious        167     
2nd      Mirage            130     
3rd       Bat IV  124     
4th       Wind River      121     
5th       Inigo    107     
Spring Circuit (NASS Spring to Leukemia Cup (7 race days)(Use yachts beaten
for ranking)                            
1st       Tenacious        60       
2nd      Wind River      43       
3rd       Santa's Reign, Dear    41       
Summer Circuit (AYC Annual to Labor Day Regatta) (7 race days)(Use yachts
beaten for ranking)                            
1st       Tenacious        37       
2nd      Helios  34       
3rd       Wind River      27       
Fall Circuit (Oxford to CBC) (7 race days)(Use yachts beaten for ranking)

1st       Tenacious        70       
2nd      Mirage            68       
3rd       Bat IV  58       
Distance Series (GIYC Spring, Twilight, Solomon's, Race to Baltimore,
Oxford, AYC Fall Series)(Use yachts beaten for ranking)                              
1st       Wind River      32       
2nd      Chessie            22       
3rd       Breakaway      20       
Most Improved (HP places climbed)                         
Allegiance       11th to 5th place                    
White Trophy (The top HP scoring fleet member in the current year who
received no other silver the current year (Daily top 3's))

IronMan (Most racing days)                          

Breakaway          16


Frostbite Day One (November 8) 11 boats of the 12 registered, raced in the first two races of the Frostbite series. It was a sunny day with the temperatures in the middle 50's, however the wind had a mind of its own and changed directions constantly. Starting at Trident Light and heading up to mark S at the 450 bridge, it was a beat for part of the leg, then a reach, back to a beat. At the first mark it was Chessie with Tenacious close behind. For the second leg it was a reach starting off, then to a beat, however the boats further back got the benefit of a breeze off the northern shore. Bravo, Helios, and Dog House quickly sailed past Chessie and Tenacious who were stuck in the middle of the Severn, close to USNA sailing center. The breeze again shifted to the east. The boats rounded G9 and it was downwind to 1SC and the finish. At the line, it was Helios, Bravo, Dog House, Tenacious, and Bat IV. Race Two started at 3:30 pm with the wind lightening up cosiderably and coming from the Bay. The RC sent us to G5 and then in to 1SC and the finsh. The wind was very patchy and many boats found themselves in multiple holes. For the downwind leg to 1SC, the boats that could connect the small zephyrs of air did the best. At G5 is was Helios, Bat IV, and Tenacious. Bat IV chose to take the long starboard jibe towards David Taylor, with Helios and Tenacious jibing in towards Eastport. Tenacious went a little closer to the Eastport penisula and got a sliver of breeze that got her to SC1 first and barely stayed ahead of Helios who was coming in at a hotter angle. Bat IV got a nice shot of breeze as they approached the line and finished a few inches short of Helios. At the finish, it was Tenacious, Helios, Bat IV, Breakaway, Bravo, Crescendo, and Dog House. It took Tenacious 1 hr 3 minutes to complete the 2.07 nm course.

Chesapeake Bay Championships (October 31-November 1) 17 Boats. Day One of sailing was cancelled due to a lack of wind. Day Two had a rendezvous of 0900 and a first gun at 1000 due to Day Light Savings time. The RC used all of this time to get four races off. Race One started in 10-15 kt, 1.1 nm and at 210. With a flooding current and a little better wind on the right side of the course, those that went there got the benefits. It was Allegiance leading the way around the first three marks with Inigo close behind. Inigo passed Allegiance on the final downwind leg to capture the bullet on the first race. Allegiance was followed by Mirage, Bat IV, Tenacious, and Helios. Race Two started in similar conditions with the wind moving to 240 and slightly easing. Crash took the early lead and never relinquished it. Froya was second, followed by Tenacious, Bat IV, Mirage, and Inigo. After two races, the top seven positions were separated by only 2 points! Race Three was similar conditions however at the first windward leg, the wind shifted to the left and dropped to less than 10. This made the offset mark almost upwind of the weather mark and quite a few boats had issues trying to get around both. Bat IV lead at the weather mark with Dreadnought close behind. With the left shift, a long starboard jibe took you almost to the leeward mark. At the leeward mark, it was Bat IV, Tenacious, Dreadnought, and Allegiance. The windward mark was moved to the left and Bat IV led the fleet around the rest of the marks and to the finish. They were followed by Tenacious, Dreadnoght, Allegiance, and Mirage. For Race Four, the RC added a little twist to end the regatta and had the fleet sail a triangle/windward/leeward course. The current had switched to an ebb and the wind dropped to around 10kts. The boats starting at the pin and going left had the early advantage, but a slight left shift caused them to overstand the mark and allowed a few boats inside to close the gap. Tenacious led at the weather mark with Mirage close behind. There was confusion within the fleet as to weather you had to honor the offset mark on the first weather leg. About half the fleet chose to go around the offset, which was not part of the leg and cost them a few boat lengths to those that read the SI's carefully. There was a protest at the end of the race on this point, but was not held up because Course 0 was labeled as marks 1, 2, 3, 1, 1a (offset), finish. Tenacious held off Mirage at the jibing mark and got to the leeward mark about 3 boat lengths ahead. From that point on, Tenacious matched tacks and jibe with Mirage to take the win for the race and the regatta. Following Mirage on Race Four was Crash, Helios, Inigo, Bat IV, and Dreadnought. For the regatta, it was Tenacious (11), Bat IV (15), Mirage (15), Crash (22), Inigo (24), and Allegiance (24). Shannon Wilkins, was awarded the Steve Gale memorial trophy for the bowperson on the winning boat. Team Tenacious would not have won the regatta without her expertise on the bow and a terrific crew. Congratulations to Carl and Scott Gitchell, Allan Wilkins, Grant Decker, and Shannon Wilkins on their winning the Chesapeake Bay Championship for the first time.

AYC Fall Series Distance Race (October 10) 11 boats. The AYC RC set a 28nm course for the J105's, which gives the finishers a 10 point bonus towards High Point. For the J105 fleet, CBYRA Cruising One Design rules state that any race 25+ nm will add 10 bonus points towards a boat's finish. A competitor cannot be awarded more than 25 bonus point. The day started with a strong ebb (1.5+kts) and a 15+kt N breeze. After a slight delay to move the Signal boat to shallower water, so that it's anchor wouldn't drag because of the current and wind, the RC got the fleets going. The first three fleets had a longer course and it was shortened to 28nm for the J105's. Starting inside of R2, they sent us upwind to Hacketts GC1, then across the Bay to R90, downwind (13nm) to G83, upwind and to the Eastern Shore to R86, then back across the Bay to the finish at R2. The fleet all started on starboard and headed towards the western shore, away from the current and the breeze above 15kts. For the boats that tacked before the layline, they didn't get the advantage of the less current and a slight lift. At the first mark it was Inigo, Allegiance, Mirage, and Bat IV in a pack ( Tenacious was too far back to see the exact rounding order). As the fleet sailed across the Bay to R90, it appeared that the boats could crack off of close-hauled, but the 1.5+ ebbing bbing current was pushing you away from the mark. Most of the boats had to tack to make R90. For those who didn't, they made up a few spots. As the fleet settled in for the long 13nm spinnaker run down the Bay, a few boats jibed to get inside a little and avoid a slow moving barge going down the Bay. While the waves were not great for surfing, we saw 12.5kts on Tenacious and got a little humm on the foils. At G83, it was Inigo and Mirage (I think) rounding close together, but Bat IV, Allegiance, Crash, Crescendo were also up there. The next leg was where there were the most changes in the fleet. Some boats almost immediately went to the Eastern Shore and towards Poplar Island, while other worked more of the middle. The wind had been dropping and was about 10-15 kts at G83. On the way to R86 (6nm+), the wind was shifting 20 degrees and had holes where it was less than 6 kts, which made for some tricky and frustrating times for the tacticians, skippers, and crew. Coming into R86, Allegiance was in the lead, but had to tack to make the mark, which enabled Inigo to round first and then it became a covering match to the finish, with Inigo holding the lead. The next pack to get to R86 was Mirage, Crash, Tenacious, and Bat IV. After a mile or so, Tenacious and Bat IV tacked to port to get further up the Bay while Mirage and Crash continued all the way across the Bay. Mirage held their 3rd place, however Tenacious just did edge out Crash in the last part of the leg to take 4th. Crash came in 5th with Bat IV following in 6th. Crescendo followed in 7th, Breakaway in 8th, Chessie in 9th, Firebrand in 10th, and Dreadnought in 11th. After racing 28+nm miles, taking over 5 hours to complete, the J105 Fleet was very tired, but happy to enjoy some good wind and sailing on the Bay.

Hammond Memorial (Sept. 13) 4 boats. For the Hammond race on Sunday the winds were a bit lighter than Saturday, perhaps 14 to 18 knots from the north, and the wave action was not quite as bad. Four J/105s were entered. It was a spinnaker start, but after the first leg the spinnakers came down and stayed down.  Wind River led for the first 18 miles with Breakaway close behind.  Then on the edge of a rain squall with the finish in sight, the breeze got lighter and more shifty, and Breakaway was able to find a nice lift and work into the lead.  The finish order was Breakaway, Wind River, Chessie, and Allegiance.

NASS Race to Oxford (Sept. 12) (28.9 nm course, *Bonus High Point) 7 Boats raced in the race to Oxford: Allegiance, Breakaway, Chessie, Froya, Rum Puppy (Jackson Biddle, USMA), Better Mousetrap, and Wind River. Here is how Chuck Lawrence on Froya saw it:

It was great fun! Race committee was a bit disorganized and we started more than an hour late.

Rain stopped and we had 15-22 south -south east with 2-4 ft waves on the nose going down the bay.

Wind River went west. Froya, Breakaway, Mousetrap sailed the rhumb-line down the bay.

Froya hit the mouth of the Choptank leading and then Wind River and Breakaway caught us as we all headed up the Choptank with Mousetrap on our heels. Breakaway and Wind River were first around Choptank mark and we all got to raise our spinnakers to a nice finish. WindRiver edged out Breakaway at the finish with Froya a minute behind and Mousetrap over in fourth

We "turned and burned " back into a driving warm rain all the way out of the Choptank and had a pleasant motor sail back to Muellers arriving at 8:30!

Great day

Every boat has a different view and this is what Bob Putnam on Better Mousetrap saw:

So the Froya boys called the Oxford race “a great day,” but I gotta say, “depends on your perspective.”

Chuck Lawrence actually gave a good, succinct description of the ride to Oxford.  But from the perspective of Better Mousetrap, things looked – and felt – a bit different.

Chuck accurately pegged the SSE breeze as 15 to 22.  What needs emphasis, though, was the wave action: strong ebb current counter to the breeze at just the perfect angle to create gnarly, square waves.  

To say steering the waves was a challenge sorta presumes there was some correct way to hit them.  On Mousetrap, we developed three styles:
·         not too good
·         really ugly, and
·         “Sweet Jesus, that hurt.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced wave conditions that bad a few times before.  But usually, it’s been when we had to tough it out on weather legs of a mile or two.  On Saturday, we had to punch to windward for 25 or so miles.

About half way to Oxford, we looked around in one of the breaks in the heavy rain, and realized something was not right with Mousetrap’s steering.  The angle of the tiller was not lined up with where the rudder should be – like, maybe something was slipping.  It got harder to try to steer the waves (which might have been worse if the skipper actually had some idea how to do that in the first place!)  By the time we followed Wind River, Breakaway and Froya turning into the Choptank, we were starting to fear losing steering entirely.  We took a couple quick looks down at the rudder mechanism, but couldn’t figure much out while pounding in the waves.

We were able to nurse the boat to the finish; even set the kite for the short, final run – although we dumped the main and blew off the vang at any hint of pressure on the helm.  Going down to “squirrel” the douse at the finish line, Mary reported water over the floorboards– no surprise, since we’d had many flushes of “green water” over the decks, including down the forward hatch when it blew open twice.

As we dropped sails, we opened the little aft hatch next to the tiller-head, and found what appeared to be a loose upper rudder bearing.  Then we found out all the water over the floorboards didn’t come down the forward hatch:  we were taking water through the rudder tube – and it appeared the lower rudder bearing was badly cracked apart.

Motoring back through the Choptank, the tiller/rudder connection loosened further, and we found we could barely steer – even at the reduced speed of 2 knots.  Meanwhile, we found that 20 years of accumulated dirt and gunk in the keel, under bunks, etc., will continuously clog both bilge pumps.  We ended up bailing 12-ounce cups from the keel sump into our 5-gallon bucket/trash can, and – as the night stretched on -- poured more than 20 of these big buckets over the side.

Since it was getting dark, and we’re not experienced enough with J-105s to know whether the rudder might fall out entirely, we called for a tow.  A Tow Boat-US center-console came out of Kent Narrows, and found us in pitch darkness about a dozen miles south of Thomas Point.  The young tow skipper named Matt was quietly competent.

When towing at any speed over 3 knots caused furious intake of water through the rudder bearing, our ace crew Eric Johnson made a tight bandage around the bearing with a towel, wrapped in a trash bag, cinched on with a couple sail ties.  This slowed the leak more than enough for us to stay ahead of it with bailing.  We worked the tow up to about 6.5 knots, saying prayers of thanks that the rudder just streamed in a straight line with the keel.

Mousetrap is now at Doctor Bobby Muller’s, hoping for new rudder bearings in time to do some fall sailing.  The crew is resting some pretty bruised body parts.  And sending our congrats to Wind River, Breakaway and Froya for some good sailing on a rough day, as well as hats off to everyone who finished this one without injury or broken boats.

We're glad that Bob and crew are ok and Better Mousetrap will be back on the race course soon.

Annapolis Labor Day regatta (Sept. 5-6) 14 boats came out for the Annual Labor Day regatta that was run by Annapolis and Eastport Yacht clubs. On Day One, the AYC RC got off four races in some shifty conditions. The wind was out of the NE, but would go to either side, as much as 20 degrees. The racing was very tight and at the end of Day One, Mirage and Tenacious were tied for the lead with 9 points. Tenacious won the tie-breaker registering two first places. Inigo was a close third with 12. 4th through 7th was close with only three points seperating them. It was Santa's Reign,Dear, Better Mousetrap, Bat IV, and Helios.

Day two started with a very light 6-7 kts breeze out of the NE again, but was forcasted to die around 1:00pm. The RC got off the start after the first four classes went off. The wind was shifty and light at times which tested the patience of the drivers and crew. At the first weather mark, it was Mirage, Allegiance, Bat IV, Tenacious, and At-Tack. Dodging the other fleets on the downwind legs caused some headaches for the tacticians. On the final downwind leg to the finish, it was Tenacious just beating Bat IV at the finish. It was then Mirage, Inigo, Wind River, Allegiance, At-Tack, and Santas. The RC tried to start a 2nd race for the day, but abandoned it right before the start as the wind was at 3 kts and had no signs of improving.

Overall, it was Tenacious, Mirage, Inigo, Bat IV, Santas Reign, Dear, Better Mousetrap, Helios, Wind River, Allegiance, At-Tack, Peregrine, Breakaway, Dreadnought, and Chessie

Race To Baltimore (July 18) 8 boats gathered on Saturday, July 18 at Baltimore Light for Race to Baltimore.  The early weather was ominous with storms to the west and south of the start.  Although the forecasted wind was from the south, the race committee started the fleet into a light northeasterly breeze influenced by the local cell.  Helios and Chessie got a good start on the boat end of the line with Crescendo and Jester battling it out at the pin end.  Half way through the first leg the wind veered around back to the south, causing the fleet to launch their kites.  At the first mark, it was Helios in the lead, followed by Crescendo and then Jester.  The fleet held a beat south to the next mark and during that leg Jester tacked across the bay early passing Crescendo.  The fleet turned back North for two legs of downwind work.  Jester passed Helios shortly into the third leg, and Jubilee, Peregrine and Chessie battled from behind with Crescendo.  Next, the fleet turned into the river for the long run to Baltimore.  Jester led the way into the inner harbor.  Crescendo made a strong challenge to Helios in the river but couldn't pass her.  Peregrine, Jubilee and Chessie all followed. 

At the finish of the over 5 hour, 25 mile race, Jester crossed the line first with Helios four minutes behind her, and Crescendo in third another two minutes behind.  The rest of the fleet finished in the order of Peregrine, Jubilee, Chessie, Breakaway, and Off the Hook.


Solomons Island Invitational (July 10-11) 3 Boats.

There were six boats registered for Solomons, but three dropped out on the day of the race due to the forecast of near-zero wind overnight.  To quote Bob Putnam’s remarks from the Twilight Race, “You know those occasions when you ALMOST didn’t go somewhere, finally decided to go, and then were REALLY glad you did?”  That’s a good description of what happened at Solomons too.  Bob didn’t take his own advice this time, but three boats did persevere:  Chessie, Singularity, and Wind River.  We ended up with a nice northerly in the 10-12 knot range for most of the night, and finished between 4 and 5 am for about a five-knot average boat speed.  Aboard Wind River we never set the jib at all, doing the whole race under spinnaker.

Singularity found some early breeze on the first leg out to 1AH, led at the first mark, and never looked back.  Wind River rounded in second place, but was overtaken by Chessie on the long starboard jibe down past Thomas Point.  Gradually sailing into lighter air near the western shore, Wind River jibed out first and found better breeze and a favorable wind shift, regaining second place.  The last leg from R-76 to the finish was a close reach, with some boats electing to go back to the jib.  Around 3 am it started to rain and the breeze picked up a bit, which helped keep everyone awake.  Singularity finished at 4:06 with Wind River less than four minutes behind, followed by Chessie in third place.  It’s interesting to note that Singularity and Wind River were the third and fourth boats to finish in the entire fleet of more than sixty starters.  Of course the big guys did the longer course, but it’s still nice to be able to say that we were just a couple of boats behind Donnybrook. (Thanks to Mark Elert on Wind River for the article.)

SCC Ted Osius (June 28) 5 Boats. The RC set up the course between Tolley Pt. and Thomas Pt., running 1 nm legs in a mostly westerly breeze. The RC set the course, with an incredibly long line (5 J105s and three other fleets with 4 boats each) in 8-12 kts of breeze at 305. As the first fleet started, the wind shifted to the left. With a very strong ebbing current, it was difficult to even make the line on startboard tack. The RC didn't change the course and Breakaway pulled off the perfect port tack start and crossed the whole fleet with 3-4 boat lengths to spare. Everyone quickly tacked to port and it was a straight shot to the weather mark. The wind went a little farther left near the weather mark which caused a few boats to overstand and others to leeward to catch up. At the weather mark, it was Breakaway with Helios and Firebrand a few boat lengths behind. Since the wind had stayed left, it was a long starboard jibe to the leeward mark. However, with the strong ebb, the boats needed to take a short jibe at leeward mark to make it. At about 10 boat lengths from the mark, it was Breakaway on the inside, Helios in the middle, and Firebrand on the outside. With the strong ebb, it had the makings for a interesting rounding. Helios jibed early, just clearing Breakaway's stern, and realizing the ebb would push them down to the mark The others jibed 3 boat lengths later, which caused them to overstand the mark. Helios got to the mark first and rounded a boat length ahead of Breakaway and Firebrand. The RC changed the course to 275 and most of the fleet saw the change. Helios kept the lead until the finish with Firebrand coming in second. On the final leg, Crescendo came in from the left side of the course, with a building breeze, and just finished in front of Breakaway, who had a slight navigational error on the second weather leg. At-Tack had to drop out of the first race due to a rigging breakage. They however fixed their problem, and stayed out on the race course to sail in the second race. Between the races the breeze built to 12-15, which was forecasted, but dropped back to 10-12 about 5 minutes before our sequence started. A few boats took this opportunity to change their rigs back to their base settings. At the start of Race 2, the current had eased slightly and the wind had settled in at 275, which enabled the RC to keep the same weather and leeward marks All the boats went for a pin start to head to the left side of the course. Crescendo led at the pin, followed by Helios and then Breakaway, Firebrand, and At-Tack. Helios worked to weather of the other boats and then led the fleet to the weather mark. The wind direction stayed somewhat consistent, considering the location of the race course, however the velocity ranged 8-15. Helios extended her lead and finished the regatta with two bullets. Crescendo was second and moved into second overall. Next it was Breakaway, Firebrand, and At-Tack. Overall, it was Helios, Crescendo, Firebrand, Breakaway, and At-Tack.

SSC Twilight Race (June 20)

You know those occasions when you ALMOST didn’t go somewhere, finally decided to go, and then were REALLY glad you did?

That describes Shearwater Sailing Club’s Twilight Race this year. Wind River, Better Mousetrap, Helios, Breakaway, and Chessie enjoyed an invigorating sail, beating both thunderstorms and sunset to the finish line.

All Saturday morning and afternoon, we’d been hearing the local weather forecasters warn that the early evening would bring violent thunderstorms, with hail and strong winds. Motoring out to the 5 P.M. rendezvous at Tolly Point, our VHF radios were doing that “hazardous weather squeal” this. The sky was quite dark to the west. On Mousetrap, we talked about heading back to the dock, to avoid blowing out our sails.

In the rendezvous area, boats were chugging around with mains furled and foul weather jackets handy in the cockpit. The R/C stayed mum, in the face of several questions about their intentions. The big buildup of dirty clouds was clearly visible to the west, but everyone was hoping they might skirt us and stay just to the north. That looked like a bad bet, but it’s exactly what happened.

Starts got off on time into a 13 to 15 knot SE breeze that set up a bumpy chop. The course took the fleet from R2 to the Region 3 “E” Mark -- a beat of 4.76 miles. It was all downhill from there, back to R2, then to the finish at the “J” mark -- for a total distance of just over 12 nautical miles.

With the southerly course and a slight ebb running, the classic move was to stay on starboard right over to the Eastern Shore, then tack right down the channel. The boat end of the starting line was extremely favored. But on Mousetrap, we were a bit early on the line, and had to go down toward the pin. All the other boats seemed to play this better, so we were to leeward of the whole group.

On the very long beat, we were able to work forward enough to tack and clear the other boats. One interesting thing about this race was the different feel between starboard and port tack. The wave angles were very different, nearly head-on when you were on port tack. It took as awhile to figure out we needed a much lower traveler on port, but when we got this right, our speed was more than half a knot higher than when we used the typical, high traveler position we’d had on starboard.

Maybe Wind River solved this sail trim puzzle faster than us, or maybe they benefitted from staying to the East a bit longer before tacking. Whatever the reason, they gained about 3 boat lengths on us, and led around the windward mark. Then it was kites up for an exhilarating ride, as the wind had built up to 18, with a few gusts to 20.

The speed of all the 105s seemed pretty evenly matched from that point on, as we all took turns surfing a few waves on the way back to R2. Wind River played things perfectly, holding the lead all the way home.

With only one or two jibes, we quickly covered the final couple miles to finish well before sunset. Coming off waves on that final leg into the harbor at over 9 knots a few times, we pondered whether we actually could receive a ticket for exceeding the posted speed. We were definitely glad we didn’t turn back, it was a fantastic early evening ride.

Bob Putnam, Better Mousetrap

AYC Annual One-Design (June 13) 7 Boats. With a Tolley Pt. rendezvous at 1400 hrs, the race committee was hoping for a solid afternoon breeze and took the fleet north towards Hackett's. Race 1 started with 6-8 kt WNW breeze and a 0.8 nm weather leg. Froya and Tenacious tacked off early to work the right side of the course, while Helios and At-Tack led the rest of the fleet towards the left. Halfway up the first beat, a left shift filled in and Helios was leading the fleet. Tenacious came back from the right and tacked below At-Tack. At the first mark it was Helios leading the fleet by 5 boat lengths, with Tenacious, At-Tack, and Better Mousetrap following behind. At the leeward mark, Tenacious closed the gap to 1 boat length and passed Helios halfway up the final beat to take a 4 boat length lead at the weather mark. On the final downwind, Helios jibed first and caught a nice header that moved them infront of Tenacious, until the header moved down to Tenacious and they pulled back ahead. At the finish, it was Tenacious, Helios, At-Tack, Better Mousetrap, Froya, Firebrand, and Breakaway. Race 2 started in lighter conditions, 4-6 kts and the current was starting to flood. Froya started at the pin with Tenacious, Helios, and Firebrand lined up behind them. A few boats tacked to clear their air, pushing them to the right side that was not favored during the race. Froya tacked and was immediately followed by Tenacious to leeward. Tenacious slowly worked ahead and had a 6-8 boat length lead at the weather mark. With a dying breeze, the RC shortened the next weather mark to 0.5 nm and finished the fleet there. At the finish, it was Tenacious, Froya, Breakaway, At-Tack, Better Mousetrap, Firebrand, and Helios.

Leukemia Cup (May 30) 12 Boats. The J105s were the 3rd start in the B fleet for the Leukemia regatta. Racing started with a southerly breeze (12-14kts) and a deceiving ebbing current. After watching a few PHRF boats and then most of the J35s being swept over the line early by the current, you would have thought the J105 fleet would have been a little conservative. After one General Recall, only a few boats were called over for the second start. Bat IV won the pin and led the fleet around the race course. Tenacious was a close second and then came Wind River, Helios, and Santa's Reign, Dear. Race 2 started with the wind going a little more left than Race 1, and the ebb was starting to ease slightly. Most of the fleet started close to the committee boat, with Tenacious and Bat IV closer to the pin. With the ebb still flowing, the left side of the course was slightly favored. It was Tenacious at the first mark with Bat IV close behind. The breeze was consistent and therefore not many passing lanes. At the finish it was Tenacious, Bat IV, Santa's Reign Dear, Mirage (Ben du Pont chartered her), Better Mousetrap. Going into the finish, it was Bat IV and Tenacious tied for first. For Race 3, the current had finally slacked and the southerly breeze picked up to 15+kts. Bat IV led at the first mark and never looked back. Tenacious came to within a boat length at the gates, but Bat IV held the position and extended after a short tacking duel with Tenacious. At the finish, it was Bat IV, Tenacious, Mirage, Santa's Reign Dear, Breakaway, Better Mousetrap, Chessie, Helios, Wind River, At-Tack, and Firebrand.

Annapolis to Miles River Race (St. Michael's) (May 23, 7 boats) The race to St. Michaels started in a pleasant northerly which sent the fleet down to Bloody Point under spinnaker.  A capsized catamaran in the middle of the starting line and a couple of port-tack starters under spinnaker provided extra drama at the J/105 start.  Generally those who stayed out in the middle of the bay did better than those who went in toward the Eastern Shore.  Wind River rounded mark Q in first place followed by Helios, with the other five J/105s close behind.  As the fleet started up the Eastern Bay the breeze dropped away almost entirely.  After a few hours of frustrating light-air racing, more and more skippers from all classes began calling the race committee on the radio to announce they were retiring.  There were several polite but pointed inquiries about shortening the course, too.   In the J/105 fleet, Breakaway and Better Mousetrap were among the first to go.  For a while Chessie, Wind River, Helios, Froya, and Firebrand were quite close together, with the lead changing as one boat and then another found a puff.  By the time the fleet reached mark F halfway up the Eastern Bay, only Wind River, Chessie, and Helios remained.   Chessie rounded F about two hundred yards and eight minutes behind Wind RiverHelios finally ran out of patience and dropped out near the mark.  Chessie called the race committee to try to broker a shortened course for the two J/105s remaining, but the proposal was declined.  Chessie then retired.  Wind River stubbornly kept racing, was eventually rewarded by the appearance of the predicted southerly breeze, and finished with only minutes remaining before the eight-hour time limit expired.  Of the 68 boats in the race with the longer course, only 26 finished.

GIYC/SCC Spring Distance Race (May 16) 8 Boats came out for the first "distance" race of the year. The start was near Hacketts can and the first mark was 2.9nm across the Bay to R"88". With a south breeze and an ebbing current, it was a straight starboard tack to the mark for most of the boats. Rum Puppy led the fleet around with Tenacious a few boat lengths behind, and then Santa's Reign ,Dear and Wind River. The wind went right a little as the fleet got to R"88", so the next leg to the MOA at the top of Kent Island was a downwind run. Rum Puppy, Helios, and Chessie were the first to jibe and go across the channel and to the western side. Santa's Reign Dear, Wind River, and Tenacious chose to stay on the eastern shore for what we believed to be less current. The western shore paid off greatly and at the Bay Bridge, the three boats were clear ahead of the eastern shore group. Rum Puppy had turned a 2 boat length lead at R"88" into over 1/2 nm lead from Tenacious, who was back to 6th going under the bridge. From the Bay Bridge to the MOA, it was a long starboard jibe, with the boats from behind bringing some freshening breeze with them. At the MOA, it was Rum Puppy well in the lead with Helios 0.25nm back and Tenacious, Chessie, and Wind River bunched together another 0.2 nm behind. It was a tight port jibe reach to R"10" and the positions didn't change. From R"10", it was a close-hauled port tack to the finish that was between Baltimore Light and the entrance of the Magothy River. At the finish, it was Rum Puppy with a huge lead, followed by Helios, Tenacioius, Chessie, Wind River, Santa's Reign Dear, Breakaway, and Firebrand. The race was 13.88 nm.

NOOD Day One (May 1) 18 boats came out for the first day of the Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta Annapolis. The J105's were in fleet 4, which included the J111, Farr 30, J35, and J109 classes. Race 1 started with a ebbing current (1+kts) and a very fluky easterly breeze. Boats that went left for current relief didn't have as much pressure as those on the right, who also had a right shift. With the strong ebbing current, boats needed to stay high on starboard jibe to keep from being swept below the leeward gates. In Race 1 it was Jester, Mirage, Tenacious, Dog House, and Wind River finishing 1 thorugh 5. Race 2 had a more stable wind direction and strength, but the ebb kept the right side of the course favored. Crash was first, followed by Dog House, Tenacious, Inigo, and Distant Passion. Race 3 was similar to Race 2, but the strong ebb was weakening. Those that went left for current relief paid off. At the end it was Tenacious, Inigo, Froya, Peregrine, and At Tack in the top 5 positions. Race 4 (5 legs) started in a somewhat consistent NNE breeze and a slack current. The top few spots didn't change much throughtout the race. Mirage led the way with Tenacious, Distant Passion, Better Mousetrap, and Jester coming in behind them.

NOOD Day Two (May 2) The Race Committee kept everyone at the dock until 11:00 a.m. due to lack of wind on the race course. It was 12:00 p.m. before everyone got to the rendezvous, south of Thomas Pt. Light. The wind never materialized and at 1:55 p.m., the RC made the call to abandon racing for the day.

NOOD Day Three (May 3) When the fleet arrived at the rendezvous, just north east of Thomas Pt. Light, the easterly breeze started to drop, and then before the 11:00 a.m. start, the RC went into postponement. Being the last day of the regatta and wanting to get another race in, the RC waited until 2:10 p.m. to start the J105's. The previous fleets had a weather mark at 175 degrees, but a wind shift had them move the J105 first weather mark to 200, due to a large right shift. Right before the start, the wind went back left and thus the boats on the left side of the starting line had a slight advantage. There were 5+boats called over on this final race of the regatta, which created large separation within the fleet. Distant Passion led the fleet around the race course to finish first. Inigo was next, followed closely by Froya, Tenacious, and Dog House. Being only one race for the day (3.40nm), it didn't qualify for CBYRA High Point standings, which has a 4.0 nm minimum distance for each event (day of racing). The results will count towards the Chesapeake Cup.

NOOD Final. Consistency paid off for Carl and Scott Gitchell and their team on Tenacious, who won the regatta with a 3, 3, 1, 2, 4, for a total of 13 points. Second place was Jim Konigsberg and crew on Inigo, scoring 8, 4, 2, 7, 2, for a total of 23 points. All the way from Bermuda, James MacDonald and his crew on Distant Passion placed third with scores of 6, 5, 10, 3, 1. Cedric Lewis and Fredrik Salvesen and team Mirage were fourth with a 2, 7, 6, 1, 11. Fifth place was Hugh Bethell and his Jester crew, with scores of 1, 10, 8, 5, 6. With five different winners in as many races, it is easy to see why the J105 fleet is one of the most competitive One Design classes in the Chesapeake Bay.

AYC Spring One Design (April 26) 10 boats ( Bat IV, Better Mousetrap, Breakaway, Chessie, Firebrand, Helios, Mirage, Santas Reign Dear, Tenacious, and Wind River) In Race 1, the fleet started in a moderate NNE breeze and 0.8 nm legs. The left side of the course seemed to pay off as the pressure seemed to be a little steady and there was a slight left shift as you got close to Whitehall Bay. Bat IV led the fleet around the race course and beat Tenacious by half a boat length at the finish. For Race 2, the conditions were similar, but the wind started to drop a little at the downwind gates, those that chose the left one became the receiptients of a favorable right shift and passed the boats that went right. Better Mousetrap chose the correct gate and moved into 1st place and kept it to the finish. Mirage was second, followed by Santa's Reign Dear, and Chessie. Sandy Morris, PRO, moved the race course to the east due to what she called a "waffling breeze". The breeze lightened up a little and again the left side of the course was favored for the first upwind. Tenacious was first at the weather mark, but was rolled by Mirage before the offset. They led the rest of the way and won the race and regatta (3, 2, 1). Bat IV (1, 5, 3) was 2nd, followed by Better Mousetrap (5, 1, 4) and then Tenacious (2, 6, 2). The full results are on the Results page.

NASS Spring Race (April 18) There were 7 boats that competed in the Opening Day of the 2015 J105 Fleet 3 Season. The conditions were very light and the RC only got off one short race (3.40 nm). With a start time of 11:20 a.m., and the first boat (Santa's Reign Dear) finishing at 1:11 pm, it made for a very long day on the water. Santa's Reign Dear led the way, with Bat IV behind them in 2nd place. At-Tack was 3rd, followed by Wind River, Rum Puppy, and then Breakaway. Chessie withdrew from the race and was scored a DNF. A day of racing needs to be at least 4 nm in order for it to count towards High Point standings, therefore this event will not be included. It will however be part of the Chesapeake Cup.

March 23, 2015. Change to the 2015 Racing Schedule. The AYC One Design Spring race for the J105's and J70's will be on Sunday, April 26, 2015. Click here. for an updated Fleet schedule

1st Half Frostbite Final Results: The 1st half series came down to the final race on December 14th. Bat IV won the last final race, which proved to be the tie-breaker (4 firsts) for the whole series with Dog House (3 firsts). The top 5 were Bat IV (17), Dog House (17), Tenacious (20), Helios (38), and Chessie (40).

1st Half Frostbite: (November 23) Week 3 of the 2014 AYC Frostbite series was a repeat of the first two Sundays, only one race was able to be sailed. Dog House has been the consistent boat with finishes of 1, 3, 2, to take a one point lead over Bat IV (2, 4, 1). Tenacious is in third with some inconsistent scores of 5, 1, 4. Helios and Bravo round out the top 5 in this six Sunday race series. Hopefully there will be enough breeze to sail two races on the final three Sundays.

Year End Standings: Congratulations to Team Mirage on winning High Point for the 3rd year in a row. Here are the top 10 High Point boats for the year:

  1. Mirage
  2. Tenacious
  3. Better Mousetrap
  4. Santa's Reign, Dear
  5. Bat IV
  6. Wind River
  7. Breakaway
  8. A Train
  9. Helios
  10. Dreadnought

The Chesapeake Cup is for the team that has beaten the most boats for the year. One point is awarded for participating and one for each boat beaten. This year's top points leaders are:

  1. Tenacious (148)
  2. Mirage (143)
  3. Santa's Reign, Dear (120)
  4. Breakaway (112)
  5. Wind River (108)

East Coast Championships. November 1-2. (20 boats) Unfortunately Mother Nature did not agree with racing for the weekend and both days were blown out. The RC did go out on Saturday to assess the situation and a few boats went to the R2 rendezvouz at 1000. With a consistent breeze over 25 kts and gusts into the 30's, the RC cancelled racing for the day. Sunday's weather was worse with a constant 30+ kts of breeze.

AYC Fall Series Distance Race. October 4. (13 boats) The race started (10:17 a.m.) with a WNW wind 10-15kts. The RC gave the J105s a 16nm course that had us starting near R2, then reaching down the bay, then across to the Eastern Shore, then up the Shore, and finally turning towards the finish at R2. With a westerly breeze, the first two legs were spinnaker reaches, and the third leg was close hauled port tack the whole way. The last leg to the finish allowed for a few tacks, but starboard tack was the longest, and favored. The whole fleet started with spinnakers at the ready, but most didn't hoist becuase it was such a tight reach to the first mark and you had to clear Thomas Point Light on the way down. The group of boats nearest to the RC boat held their hoist until they were well past the starting line. Mirage was the first to set their spinnaker and quickly pulled away from the fleet. Wind River (weather boat), Bat IV, Tenacious, and Santa's Reign Dear (leeward boat), were all grouped together and started to spread out to keep their air clear. When they set their spinnakers, Tenacious got their bow out and pulled slightly ahead of Bat IV, who stayed just in front of Wind River and Santa's. The order of the top five stayed the same until the last leg, where Santa's Reign Dear called the layline to finish and beat Bat IV who had overstood (gear failure) the finish line. At the finish, it was Mirage (12:23:36 a.m.), Tenacious (12:26:56), Santa's Reign Dear (12:27:36), Bat IV (12:27:54), Wind River (12:27:59)

Hospice Cup XXXIII. September 20. (16 boats) There was a great turnout for this year's Hospice regatta. The last time we had 16 boats was in 2007, which was lead up to the North American Championships. Conditions at the start of race one were a slack tide and 6-8 SSE breeze. The race committe set a 0.8nm weather leg, which made starting the key for a successful first weather leg. The first start was a general recall due a short line and a right wind shift that made the committee boat favored. The RC lengthened the line and got race one off with only 1 boat OCS. Bob Putnam and his crew on Better Mousetrap led at the first mark and extended their lead on each leg. The wind went left to SSW, which was in total disagreement to the weather forecasts. The Annapolis Yacht Club RC changed the 2nd weather mark in accordance with the wind shift. The top four positions, however did not change throughout the race. Better Mousetrap was 1st, Mirage was distant 2nd, Bat IV and A Train were close behind in 3rd and 4th respectively. The wind got light towards the end of the race and shifted more to the west. Race two was started in 6-8 SW breeze and a flooding current. At the first weather mark, Mirage was first and led the fleet to the gates. At the leeward gate, it was Mirage, followed by Tenacious, Better Mousetrap, and Helios. The wind had shifted and the RC moved the weather mark further west. At the weather mark, Better Mousetrap and Helios came in from the right and took over 1st and 3rd, and carried it to the finish. Mirage finished 2nd and Tenacious 4th. The overall standings were Better Mousetrap, Mirage, Tenacious, and Bat IV. Mirage was the overall Hospice Champion (3 year average), which will represent the Annapolis Hospice at the National Hospice Championship in Rochester, NY, in 2015.

Hammond Memorial. September 14. Five of the eight J/105s that participated in the Oxford Race elected to do the Hammond Memorial (race back) on Sunday. The race started with a downwind leg to R”14” in 10-12 knots from the north. The next leg was a close reach to G”13” in which only two of the boats flew their spinnakers for the whole leg. The mystery club mark was upwind from there, and was approximately where it was supposed to be! The only complication was that the mark’s mooring line was nearly horizontal and oriented to the north side, so boats had to be careful how closely they rounded. Up to this point Wind River and Dreadnought had been virtually tied for the lead, but during the following spinnaker leg to G”7” Dreadnought pulled away for good. The breeze held up well until the last upwind leg to R”84” but then got light and shifty. Allegiance and Wind River traded places a few times as the wind direction changed. The order of finish was Dreadnought, Wind River, Allegiance, Breakaway, and Chessie.


NASS Oxford Race, September 13. (8 boats). The 0930 start at R2 had the fleet on a tight port spinnaker jibe most of the 11nm to R84. The boats split east to west by about 0.5 nm and as they approached R84, the wind started to go forward and everyone had to drop their spinnakers. Better Mousetrap got to R84 first, but it was still a beat to the next mark, R80. A few boats worked the western side of the channel while the others chose the eastern shore. With a dying breeze and a 30 degree shift to the right, the Western boats paid off greatly. Better Mousetrap, who went to western shore last, was around 1st, followed by Dreadnought and Allegiance. Tenacious, Wind River, Breakaway, Rum Puppy, and Chessie, coming in from the east, rounded quite a few hundred yards behind the front three. It was a spinnaker reach to G7, with the rain starting to fall and a building breeze. Everyone enjoyed a fast spinnaker reach to Choptank light with boats recording speeds in excess of 10kts. After rounding Choptank light, it was a close reach to the finish. Mousetrap finished the 29.3nm course in 5h 58m, followed by Dreadnought 2m 30s later. Allegiance, Tenacious, Rum Puppy (USMA Jackson Biddle driving), Wind River, Breakaway, and Chessie were the next finishers.

Labor Day Regatta Day 1, August 30. (13 Boats). Race 1. (Windward-Leeward 1nm) At the start it was SE 8-10 kts, and a slight flooding current. The RC boat was slightly favored and most of the fleet started there. Jester was the first to go right and it paid off as they led at the first mark by 6-8 bl. On the first downwind, there was a right shift and the RC changed the 2nd weather mark to SSE. Jester led the fleet around the course with Tenacious closing the gap and finishing 1/2 bl behind them. The next five boats were Santas Reign Dear, Mirage, Singularity, Wind River, and Breakaway. Race 2. (Windward-Leeward 1nm) SSE 8-14 kts. The RC was again slightly favored and half of the fleet went right while the other continued to the left. Dreadnaught stayed left the longest and it paid off as they led the fleet by 8-10 bl at the weather mark. There was again a slight right shift on the downwind leg and the RC moved the windward mark accordingly. Dreadnaught led around the course with Tenacious once again closing the gap at finish to 1 bl. The next five were Jester, Mirage, Santas Reign Dear, Breakaway, and Singularity. Race 3. (Windward-Leeward 1nm) SSE 10-14 kts. The fleet spread it out on the starting line and there were some very close roundings at the weather mark. Mirage made it to the weather mark 1st, with Santas about 2 bl behind. Tenacious, coming in on the port layline, tried to squeeze in between them but fouled Santas and did their turns. Mirage led the way around the course but was closely followed by Santas the whole way to the finish. The next five were Jester, Breakaway, Tenacious, At-Tack, and Helios.

Labor Day Regatta Day 2, August 31. (13 boats) Race 4. (Windward-Leeward 1.1nm) S 10-12 kts. With a slight flooding current, most of the fleet worked the right side of the course. Tenacious led Mirage and Jester around the first weather mark, all within a few boat lengths of each other. Jester jibed early and passed both Mirage and Tenacious at the bottom of the run. They held the lead to the finish, with Mirage, Tenacious, Breakaway, Helios, and Allegiance rounding out the top six. Race 5. S 10-14. With a ebbing current just starting and a building breeze, most of the fleet worked the left side of the course. Jester led at the weather mark with Tenacious a few boat lengths behind, followed by Mirage and Santas Reign Dear. The top four stayed within a few boat lengths of each other until the final downwind leg. Jester got a wrap in their spinnaker on a jibe which enabled Tenacious to slip by and Mirage and Santas to close the gap considerably. At the finish it was Tenacious, Jester, Mirage, Santas Reign Dear, Allegiance, and Singularity. Race 6. S 10-14. With the ebb current building, the whole fleet went to the left except for the few that were OCS and went to the right after clearing the line. Jester came in from the left and led at the weather mark, withTenacious coming in from the right in second. Mirage was in a close third until their stern barely touched the mark and they had to do a penalty turn. Jester led Tenacious at the leeward mark by a boat length, but a slow spinnaker takedown caused them to lose speed after the rounding. Tenacious took advantage, sailed over them, and led the fleet around the rest of the course. Mirage impressed the whole fleet by sailing wing on wing for the last half of the final leg. We don't know how they kept both main and spinnaker filled, but they had speed and were much lower than everyone else. They closed the gap to the 1st and 2nd place boats considerably, and might have overtaken a spot if they used their secret tactic a little earlier. Overall Standings. For the Labor Day weekend regatta, there was consistent breeze, close racing amongst the fleet, and great RC work. The top 5 were: Jester, Tenacious, Mirage, Santas Reign Dear, Breakaway, and Singularity. Overall standings are on the Results page.


Race to Baltimore (July 19) Six J105s started the 22 nm Race to Baltimore: Chessie, Crescendo, Helios, Jester, Peregrine, and Santas Reign, Dear. Hugh Bethell and his Jester team had this to say about the race:

We had considerably more wind than was forecast, with the breeze coming up from 5 knots at the start to 15 at the finish. There were dueling northeast and east puffs, which made the first two upwind legs interesting. The next three legs were tight spinnaker reaches, and the 105s (including Muskrat) all showed off their speed on that point of sail.  The finish was in the harbor, which was a nice touch, and the post-race party was on the docks at the Anchorage Marina. All in all, a fun change of pace from W-L around inflatable marks.

At the finish it was Jester, Santa's Reign, Dear, Crescendo, Chessie, and Peregrine. Unforturnately during the first part of the race Helios had to drop out due to equipment failure. Jester not only won the J105 fleet, but also FIRST in the overall PHRF (37 boats). Santa's was 5th, Crescendo 7th, and Chessie 9th overall in PHRF.

Twilight Race (June 21) Seven J105s started the Twilight Race on June 21: A Train, Better Mousetrap, Breakaway, Chessie, Helios, Santas Reign Dear, and Wind River. The 15-mile course was from R”2” north to R”90”, south to mark H near Thomas Point, back north to Hacketts, south to the yellow weather buoy off the mouth of the Severn River, and then up the Severn to G”5”. Winds were from the northeast but quite variable in both speed and direction, and there was a challenging ebb current for most of the race. Wind River led at the first two marks, but A Train and Better Mousetrap caught up on the beat to Hacketts, with the lead changing several times as they tacked along the western shore to stay out of the current. Santas Reign Dear retired at some point during the race. The fleet finished around 2100 as darkness fell; the order of finish was Wind River, Better Mousetrap, A Train, Breakaway, Helios, and Chessie.

DATE CHANGE: AYC Annual regatta is on Saturday, June 14th. The first warning gun will be at 2:00 pm and no races will start after 6:30 pm. The original schedule had the wrong date on it.


Race to St. Michael's (May 24). 8 J105's were in the annual race to St. Michael's: Breakaway, Chessie, Better Mousetrap, Froya, Helios, Tenacious, Unbridled, and Wind River. The race started in a 10-15 kt NW breeze, which led to a quick 9 nm downwind ride to the first mark (R84A). Making it to first mark in a little over 1 hour was Tenacious with Unbridled only two boat lengths behind. A jibe at R84A and the boats were on a very tight port jibe reach to the next mark, over 4 nm away. For the first 13 nm of the race, Unbridled, Tenacious, and Helios were never more than 5 boat lengths apart. As the fleet rounded R4 for the final 3 nm downwind leg up the Miles River, it was Unbridled leading the way with Helios right behind them. Better Mousetrap worked the eastern side of the river while Wind River worked the middle, but both picked up a spot on the final leg. At the finish, it was Unbridled by a long shot, Helios in 2nd, Wind River in 3rd, and closely followed by Better Mousetrap. Tenacious finished in 5th, Froya in 6th, Breakaway in 7th, and Chessie in 8th.


Gibson Island Yacht Club and Sailing Club of the Chesapeake. Spring Distance Race. (5 boats) A Train, Breakaway, Crescendo, Tenacious, and Wind River started the first distance race of the season. Starting with a 8-12 NNW breeze, the RC set the starting line below Hackett's (GC1) so the fleets would have a short weather leg before sending us north of the bridge. The course was the Mo(A) off Love Point (top of Kent Island), back across the Bay to R12, then south to the finish line at the Baltimore Light. Crescendo rounded Hackett's first with Tenacious a boat length behind. As the boats close reached towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the winds became very light and fluky. This along with an increasing ebb time, made getting through the bridge spans difficult. While Angelo Guarino's Crescendo and Scott Gitchell's Tenacious were only 10 boat lengths ahead of the rest of the fleet, they got a few consistent shots of breeze and made it through the spans. Once through the spans, the winds were light and shifty, from 355 degrees to 100, with no set pattern but seemed to shift with the ever changing cloud cover. For the next 2 hours, Tenacious and Crescendo traded positions as they slowly sailied upwind towards the Mo(A). Wind River made it through the bridge, however A Train and Breakaway were stuck and withdrew from racing. The breeze filled in from the SE and Tenacious got to the mark about a boat length in front of Crescendo. Wind River made up a lot of ground with the new SE breeze and rounded a few hundred yards behind. Angelo and Scott passed each other a few times along the downwind ride to R12, with Tenacious getting there a boat length ahead. After an unfavorable wind shift for Crescendo at the beginning of the final upwind leg, Tenacious spread out their lead to Baltimore Light. At the finish, it was Tenacious, Crescendo, and Wind River crossing the line.


NOOD Final Results. Canadian James Rathburn and his Hey Jude crew set the standard for the regatta with 5 bullets and 1 second place. The reigning North American J105 champion had flawless crew work, great tactics and boat speed. Mirage, the top local boat, finished in second with 24 points. Live Edge, the other Canadian boat, finished in third with 28 points. Tenacious, which started the day in 9th place, finished the regatta in fourth with 35 points. Finishing in 5th and 6th with 43 points, were Unbridled and Better Mousetrap.

NOOD Day Three (May 4). With a strong SW breeze (10-20 kts), the fleet enjoyed some heavy air sailing for the last two races of the regatta. In Race 5, those that stayed on the left side of course paid off and got to the weather mark first. A northbound barge going through the race course on the second leg, made for some challenging tactical decisions. Tenacious led the fleet around the course, beating Hey Jude and breaking the Canadians four race winning streak. Mirage finished a close third to the Canadians. Race 6 had a similar wind direction, but the wind speed dropped a little, but had stronger puffs. Many boats experienced some great surfing conditions and saw over 10 kts of boat speed. A right shift on the top end of the second weather leg shuffled the top four boats. At the finish, it was Hey Jude, Live Edge, Mirage, Tenacious, and A Train.

NOOD Day Two (May 3). The RC kept the fleets in the harbor under AP, until the wind filled in on the race course. At 11:00 a.m. the AP was dropped and the fleets went to their race courses. It took a while for the breeze to fill in and the RC got off one race. Hey Jude, Live Edge, and Tenacious were the top three. With a dying breeze, the RC sent the fleet in.

NOOD Day One (May 2). 17 boats competed in the 2014 NOOD regatta,with two from Canada (Hey Jude and Live Edge), and two from Ohio (Trio and Unbridled). Race 1 winds were 8-12 kts WSW and the ebb current was just starting. A left wind shift on the first weather leg separated the fleet. Those that chose the left side early found themselves far ahead to those who chose right. Hey Jude, Live Edge and Mirage were the top three finishers. In Race 2 a WSW 8-10 kts breeze settled in and the ebb was getting stronger, which was pushing the fleet over the starting line. After two general recalls the Race Committee put up the Z flag, which kept the fleet honest. No one got a scoring penalty in that race. Hey Jude was first again, with Wind River in 2nd, followed by Unbridled. Race 3 started with a light WSW breeze, which slowly gave out as a sea breeze, SE, was trying to fill in. When boats started setting their spinnakers to make the weather mark, the RC abandoned the race. Waiting until 3:45 pm for the SE to fill in, the RC got off Race 3. The weather leg was a little shorter than the first two and the ebb was easing. A slightly stronger breeze on the left gave an advantage to those who went that way on the first leg. The shorter course led to some very close racing throughout the race. Hey Jude led the way, followed by Mirage and Unbridled. The top three for the day were Hey Jude, Mirage, and Unbridled.

AYC Spring One Design (April 26). This is the first time the the J105's have competed in this regatta. Other classes were Etchells, J70's, and J22's. After a brief delay for the wind to fill in, from the opposite direction of the forecast, the RC got off 4 races. Races 1-3 had 0.9 nm weather legs and race 4 was 0.7 nm. With short legs and a few wind shifts in the later races, crew work was a key factor in the regatta. Showing why they won High Point last year, Cedric Lewis and Fredrik Salvesen on Mirage scored 1, 1, 1, and 4, to lead the way. Scott and Carl Gitchell on Tenacious were 2nd with 8 pts, followed by Richard Hinds and team Breakaway (17 pts). Full results are posted on the Results page

NASS Spring One Design (April 13) 8 boats competed in the first race of the season. The race committee got off three races and consistency paid off for Andrew Kennedy's Bat IV team, who scored three bullets. Don Santa and team Santas Reign, Dear placed 2nd with 8 pts. Jackson Biddle (USMA) and the Rum Puppy team finished in 3rd (11 pts) and Richard Hinds on Breakaway was right behind them in 4th. The other boats that made it out were A Train, Froya, At-Tack, and Wind River.

2nd Half Frostbite In a series that lost three weekends of racing due to ice, the Special Events Race Committee got in 7 races for the 2nd half of the Frostbite Series. Carl and Scott Gitchell on Tenacious finished in 1st with 14 points, followed closely by Tom Carter and Arthur Libby on Dog House, with 16 points. Andrew Kennedy's Bat IV was 3rd, followed by Chuck Lawerence's Froya, Gregg and Steve Sunshine's Helios, Richard Hind's Breakaway, and Dennis McCloud's Attack.

(March 9) The Special Event's Race Committee got in two good races with the longest possible weather legs. With a Naval Academy small boat regatta in the middle of the Severn for the first race, there was a downwind start at Trident light towards a drop mark out towards the Bay. For the second race, the Severn was clear and the fleet raced upwind to the drop mark at the Severn River bridge. Both races had some very tight sailing, especially on the final upwind leg to G13. From there it was a reach to the finish, with minimal passing lanes. The first four places were the same for both races. Dog House led the pack with Bat IV, Froya, and Tenacious following. Breakaway and Attack switched the 5th and 6th spots. Dog House and Tenacious are now tied for 1st with 11 points, with Bat IV six points back. Next week is the final day of Frostbite, so there should be some very close racing. Full results are in the Results page.

(March 2) After a 30 minute postponement for light air, Bat IV, Breakaway, Dog House, Helios, and Tenacious made it out to the Hartford Light starting line. With a NE breeze, starting near the rocks of Naval Academy was key. With a short weather leg towards G13, the rest of the 3.08 nm course was reaching. It took a little over 30 minutes to finish the race and only 94 seconds separated 1st and 5th. The order of finish was Tenacious, Dog House, Bat IV, Breakaway, and Helios. The 2nd race was cancelled due to a dying breeze and rain (soon to become freezing rain and ice).

(February 23) Four boats came out on a beautiful sunny, and warm, February day. Breakaway, Dog House, Helios, and Tenacious. In race 1, the upwind leg towards the 450 bridge turned into a downwind after an 180 degree wind shift. The wind was very shifty and light, taking over 1 hour to complete the 1.94nm course. Race 2 got off a little late (3:25 pm), while the contestants enjoyed food and beverages on the second deck of AYC. Check out the results page for finishes.


Updated 2014 Schedule has been posted. We have added the AYC Spring One-Design on April 26, and the East Coast Championships will replace the Chesapeake Bay Championships on November 1 - 2.

Annual Award Winners from the 2103 Season

Chesapeake Cup: Mirage

Spring Circuit: A Train

Summer Circuit: Mirage

Fall Circuit: Mirage

Most Improved: Wind River

White Trophy: Singularity

Iron Man: Better Mousetrap

Distance Series: Mirage

Top Newcomer: Better Mousetrap

For complete results and descriptions of the Annual Awards, click here.

AYC's Frostbite Series (1st Half) November 10 - December 15. Dog House and crew win the 1st Half of the 2013 season. This is the 4th STRAIGHT series half win, dating back to March 2012, for Arthur Libby and Tom Carter and their team. Andrew Kennedy and his crew on Bat IV came in 2nd place. Tenacious and the Gitchell twin's crew finished 3rd, followed by the Sunshine brothers, Steve and Gregg, on Helios in 4th. Richard Hinds and his Breakaway crew rounded out the top 5.

CBYRA High Point Champions AGAIN ! For the second year in a row, and the 5th time since 2003, Mirage has come out on top of the High Point standings. Fredrik Salvesen, Cedric Lewis, and Team Mirage never placed out of the top three in any local event. Hugh Bethel's Jester was in 2nd and Jim Konigsberg's Inigo (HP winner 2001 and 2010) finished 3rd. Jack Biddle's Rum Puppy (HP winner 2004 and 2006) finished 4th and Carl and Scott Gitchell's Tenacious (HP winner 2008 and 2011) came in 5th. Overall, there were 22 boats that qualified for High Point, 275 competitors in 22 race events (20 counting towards High Point), and an average starters of 13.1 per race.


North American Championship. October 31 to November 3. (27 boats) There were 8 races held on three days of racing, with Saturday being cancelled due to a lack of wind. Jim Rathburn's Hey Jude (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) took top honors with a score of 23. Hey Jude never placed out of the top 6 and was the only boat to have all top 10 finishes. Damian Emery's (Shoreham, New York) Eclipse had solid finishes on the last day (2, 1, 1) to move up to 2nd place (39 points) overall. Local boat Mirage, Fredrik Salvesen and Cedric Lewis, came in 3rd with 45 points. Bruce Stone (San Francisco, California) on Lou Lou was 4th (56 points) and local Jack Biddle on Rum Puppy was 5th (58 points).


Annapolis Yacht Club Fall Series. October 5 and 6. (17 boats) Day one of the AYC Fall Series was cancelled due to a lack of wind. The RC called the race at 1:00 pm. Day two started with no breeze at the 10:00 a.m. rendezvous at R2, but a light southerly breeze started to fill in after 11:00 a.m. For Race 1 of the day, the RC sent the fleets on a Triangle-windward-leeward course. The race started with a S 6-8 kt breeze. The fleet saw some close racing at the jibing and first leeward marks. In the end the Java came out on top, followed by Santa's Reign Dear, and Mirage. Race 2 (windward-leeward) started with 10 kts and a slight shift to the East, but dropped a little during the race. With 1.0 nm legs, the fleet saw some close racing and positions changed throughout the race. Bob Putnam's, Better Mousetrap, finished 1st, with Bob Reeves, A Train right behind them, and then Tenacious in 3rd. Race 3 began with a 10kt SE that built up to 13kts. With a slight left shift and a few boats overstanding the port layline, the fleet got bunched up at the weather mark. Inigo called the layline correctly and led the fleet the rest of the way to take the bullet. Tenacious followed in 2nd and Andrew Kennedy's Bat IV finished in 3rd. A very tired fleet was a little suprised when the RC announced a 1500hr start for the 4th race of the day. The seabreeze had filled in and the fleet saw 12-15 kts of a SE breeze. Mirage nailed the start at the pin end and led the fleet around the race course. Tenacious finished 2nd with A Train in 3rd. For the overall daily, it was consistency that paid off. Carl and Scott Gitchell's Tenacious had finishes of 4, 3, 2, 2 to take the overall lead. Frederik Salvesen's Mirage team is in 2nd with a 3, 7, 4, 1. Jim Konigsberg's Inigo is in 3rd with 5, 4, 1, 7. Bob Reeve's A Train team is in 4th with 6, 2, 6, 3.


CBYRA Race Week's, Distance Cedar Point Race. September 2. (5 boats) The 17.8 nm course had the boats starting at Hacketts, going down, across, then up the the Eastern Shore. Some windshifts along the Eastern Shore had the boats changing positions some. The boats started at 11:15 a.m. and the fleet finished around 3:00 pm. At the finish is was A Train, Wind River, Santa's Reign Dear, Dreadnought, and Allegiance.

CBYRA Race Week Overall. Jester (14 pts) and Mirage (17 pts) proved to be the most consistent finishers and posted 1st and 2nd respectively. Tenacious (30 pts) moved up to 3rd and Santa's Reign Dear (32 pts) finished in 4th. For a complete list of finishes, check out the Results page.

CBYRA Race Week, Day 2. September 1 (15 boats) Day two started with a light SW breeze and it slowly went left during the day and ended up SSE. The flooding tide played a larger role in the day's 2nd and 3rd races, with many boats having difficulty at the weather mark. Mirage and Jester were again at the top of the fleet. Mirage (6, 1, 1) beat Jester (1, 5, 2) on the tie breaker to win the daily. Better Mousetrap (3, 2, 5) came in 3rd and in 4th, Santa's Reign Dear had very consistent finishes of 4, 4, 4.

CBYRA Race Week, Day 1. August 30 (15 boats) The day started with a 8-12 SSW breez and an ebb tide ending. Jester and Veloce battled for the top two places, with A Train coming in 3rd. The start of the 2nd race saw the wind moving more to the S and a sea breeze filling in. For the day, Jester had the most consistent finishes with a 1, 3, 2. Mirage came into second with a 5, 1, 3. Veloce rounded out the top three with a 5, 1, 3. Positions 4 - 8 were close, with 4 points separating them. Better Mousetrap was having a good day until a broken jib halyard in the 2nd race forced them to retire for the day. Dreadnought also had to retire from the 3rd race when their jib separated from luff to leech.

Screwpile 2013. Due to a lack of participation, there was no J105 fleet at Screwpile this year.

Solomon's Island Race. July 19 (7 boats) With a thunderstorm to the west and the wind shifting over 90 degrees, the J105 fleet started the 44 nm race to Solomons after 7:00 pm. Reports from the sailors were a moonlit night with lots of visibility. Veloce crossed the line first at 2:50:16 a.m., followed by Mirage 48 seconds later. Inigo came in at 2:52:17 a.m. The next three boats came in a few minutes later, but were only separated by 1 minute and 29 seconds. Singularity led this pack, followed by Jester and Better Mousetrap. Wind River followed them in a few minutes later.

Ted Osius Regatta. June 30 (7 boats) Sailing Club of the Chesapeake took the fleet from the R2 rendezvous towards Hacketts Point to start the race. Conditions at the start were an 8-11 kt southerly with a flooding current. The fleet split early at the start with Mousetrap, Breakaway, and Firebrand tacking to port quickly and Santa's Reign, Dear a little later. A Train, Froya, and Wind River stayed on starboard and went up the left side of the course. Santa's Reign, Dear led at the first mark with A Train and Froya close behind. Santa's Reign, Dear led the fleet around the race course and finished 20 seconds ahead of 2nd place A Train. Mousetrap passed Froya to take the 3rd spot. Only one race was held due to a fast approaching storm. Check out the final results and current High Point standings on the Results page.

AYC Annual Regatta. June 16 (11 boats) Trying to beat the typical wait for wind, the AYC race committe had a 2:00 pm rendevous and a 3:00 pm start. Four classes of J Boats (J105, J30, J80, and J70) comprised the fleet for the day. With a predominantly steady 8-14 SW breeze, the RC got off three races for the J105's. The RC decided to give the fleet a little shake-up in Race 1 by posting course 7 (Triangle, Windward-Leeward). Mirage led the whole way around the race course. Races 2 and 3 were the normal windward-leewards, but with 1nm legs, it made for tight racing, especially at the marks. With the wind dropping out and a few storms on the horizon, the RC shortened the last race and finished the fleet at the second weather mark. The top four boats were separated by 1 point for each place. Mirage (1,1,5), Veloce (5,2,1), Santa's Reign Dear (2,4,3), Tenacious (3,5,2).

Annapolis Leukemia Cup. June 1. (10 boats) The Annapolis YC race committee took the fleet (A2, J35, J105, J30) a little south of the Tolley Pt. rendevous. The winds were generally southerly (8-14 kts) throughout the day and there was a flooding current. Staying on the right side on the upwind legs, and out of the current generally paid off. On Race 1, Carl Gitchell and Tenacious, won the boat and led the fleet all the way to the finish. Don Santa and team Santa's Reign Dear, had a clean start in Race 2 and extended their lead at every mark. Going into the third and final race, Better Mousetrap was leading with 5 pts. (2, 3), followed by Dark Star with 7 pts. (3, 4), and then Bat IV also with 7 pts. (5, 2). Tenacious won the the boat at the start, with Santa's Reign Dear tacking first to get to the right side. Tenacious followed shortly and both boats traded tacks throughout the upwind legs. In the end, Tenacious finished ahead of them by 1 boat length. The final top four positions were: Tenacious 9 (1,7,1), Santa's Reign Dear 11 (8,1,2), Better Mousetrap 11 (2,3,6), and Dark Star 12 (3,4,5). The J105 Fleet was the largest class (11 boats registered) in the regatta and Tenacious won the new perpetual trophy, Largest Class in Fleet, Best in Class.

Annapolis to Miles River. May 25. Six boats started this annual Memorial Day distance race to St. Michael's. The 20.9 nm (Long Course) race started at 10:20 a.m. for the J105's. With a fresh WNW breeze (15-25 kts), the fleet saw some great spinnaker reaching conditions. Rum Puppy reported hitting 17 kts, while Froya saw 11-12 kts and that was without a spinnaker! We don't have exact finish times, but believe the top three boats finished in around 2 hours 15 minutes. Jackson Biddle and his high school sailing team on Rum Puppy came out on top. Being high schoolers, they made a video of the race and some activities at the Miles River Yacht Club pool.


Check out Jack Biddle doing some quick steering of Rum Puppy to stay under the spinnaker. In second place, about 1 minute behind, was Mark Elert on Wind River. Not far behind them was Breakaway and Richard Hind's team. Two boats dropped out of the race.

GIYC/SCC Spring Race. May 18. Seven boats competed in the first distance (17.3 nm) race of the year. Race conditions were reported to be nice at the 10:40 a.m. start, 10-12 kts southerly with a little chop. As the boats raced to the windward mark on the Eastern Shore, those that went right to stay out of the flooding current, didn't get the benefit of a right shift on the Eastern Shore. The winds started to deteriorate and it became a race of mostly spinnaker reaching. Chuck Lawerence and his team on Froya, came out on top, finishing at 1:57 pm. Santa's Reign Dear came in next, 33 seconds behind. Better Mousetrap was behind Don Santa's team, finishing at 2:00 pm. Crescendo, A Train, Breakaway, and Helios followed them in.

Annapolis NOOD. May 3-5. 18 boats competed in the three days of racing. The J105s were on a new race course this year, Division 4, south of Thomas Point, and run by Annapolis Yacht Club. It was a long 1+ hour, each way, motor/sail from Annapolis harbor, but it was well worth it. Day One saw ENE winds, 12-16 kts, and the MBE syndicate on Veloce, coming out on top with finishes of 1, 1, 3. Day Two winds were a little lighter, NE 8-12 kts, and Mirage posted the top finishes with 2, 1, 8. Day Three started out overcast and cold, feeling more like a Frostbite race than one in May. Chad Gilpin and his team on Dark Star came out on top of Day Three with a very impressive day of 4, 1, 5. Mirage was the overall winner ,with a total of 33 points in the 8 races sailed. They were the only boat to score all top ten finishes. The top five were: Mirage (33), Veloce (45), Inigo (52), A Train (56), and Tenacious (57). For complete daily and final results, visit the Results page.

Spring NASS. April 14. There was nice turnout (8 boats) for the first race of the season. The overall standings were close, with 3 points separating the top four boats. Bat IV came out on top with consistent finishes (2, 2), Helios was second (5, 1), A Train was third (3,3), and Inigo was fourth (1,6).

Fleet 3 will be running an enhanced new championship series (J/105 Chesapeake Cup) this year in addition to the traditional CBYRA High Point. The scoring will be total boats beaten in all the designated high point events, plus 1 point for starting, and 1 point for finishing. There will be a minimum of 10 events to qualify. This format rewards participation as well as performance. The awards will go to the top 5 places. Scoring will be updated weekly on the Results page.


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